Working through this together, supporting each other.

Situations are rapidly changing on global and personal levels. Our health, loved ones, employment, and finances are constantly on our minds. The emotions we experience and the stories we have are important. Let’s share them.

A Mission to Normalize Real Conversations

We want to build a community where we can share our struggles and hopes with mutual compassion and from it build a stronger community. We wanted to provide accessible, innovative ways for anyone's story to be told.

Show Your Colors

1. Change your Instagram or Twitter profile image to the color and theme of your choice. You can download the project assets below or screenshot them on our Instagram.

2. Share your story through your account with the hashtag #STILLWORKINGCLUB or anonymously here.

3. Spread the word and help others join the conversation

Tell Your Story

It can be tough to open up, online or offline! We love to hear more about what everyone is going through because the truth is someone else can probably relate.

If you'd like to share your story with the world - completely anonymously - use our Typeform. Remember to indicate whether you're ok with us sharing it on our social accounts!



Loved Ones


Job & Career




Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness

Our health is multifaceted and crucial to our personal well-being and how we show up for ourselves and for others. The health of ourselves and the health of others is an exchange of care and communication. Tell us you’re feeling about your health.

Loved Ones: Family, Friends, Support

Our loved ones come in all different forms, whether that be friends, family, co-workers, pets, or plants, and they are an important presence in our lives. Tell us how your loved ones have been on your mind.  

Work & Job Security

The employment landscape is changing and job security feels, well, not secure. How has your relationship with work changed and how can your community help?

Financial Stability: Income and Budgeting

There’s no doubt finances are in flux. Incomes are changing, budgets are reorganizing, and sources are shifting. Has your situation with money changed and how has that changed your story?